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Battery Powered Rebar Tier BT-64


    The Rebar Tying Tool is built to reduce tying time needed for securing reinforcing rods together while doing concrete form work. It’s great for repetitious tying work and reduces the risk of carpal-tunnel and back injuries. The one-handed operation allows your other hand to hold rebar in place. This tool will securely tie up to #10 (32mm) x #10 (32mm) rebars and all sizes in between. It uses a strong double tie wrap of 18 gauge galvanized wire. The BT-64 makes consistent ties, no wire waste, in only 1.6 seconds per tie. The handle can be used either as a pistol configuration or as a rifle style to reduce bending while tying horizontal floor mats. The tier is powered by a rechargeable 12 Volt Ni-Cd Battery (two are included with the purchase along with a charger unit).

    • The standard wire guide (#32) ties up to two #6 (3/4″) rebar.
    • Optional wire guides are available (#26 wire guide ties maximum #4 x #5 rebars; #51 wire guide ties maximum #8 x #8 rebars; #64 wire guide ties maximum #10 x #10 rebars )
    • The tool uses 18 gauge galvanized wire on a spool (148 feet) that produce 120-200 ties.
    • Color may very.

    1 Year Full Parts & Labor Warranty.

    Covers Everything Except Neglect & Abuse.