DCC-1618HL 5/8" Rebar Cutter (#5)

DCC-1618HL 5/8" Rebar Cutter (#5)


    Another quality product from DIAMOND. This portable cordless rebar cutter will safely and cleanly cut rebar up to 5/8”diameter grade 60 rebar. This self-contained electric/hydraulic unit will also cut other items like chain, bolts and rod. The DCC-1618 can be used in rescue operations, cut in close proximity to a trapped victim, does not throw sparks or heat. The cutting head quickly rotates up to 345 degrees for using in vertical, horizontal or difficult applications. This tool ships complete with (2) each 18 volt DC Li-ION batteries, 30-60 minute fast battery charger, removable side handle, durable plastic carrying case, and a tool kit. One-year parts & labor warranty.


    Maximum Cutting Diameter #5 5/8" Rebar (16mm) Grade 60

    Cutting Speed / Pressure 5 Seconds / 13 Tons

    Number of cuts per battery charge - 75 (#5, Grade 60) 100 (#4, Grade 60) 

    Battery Type 18 Volt DC Li-ion

    Tool Weight 16.1 lbs (7.3 kg)

    Dimensions L x W x H 17.9" x 3.8" x 9.4"

    1 Year Warranty