Rebar Tier Wire Guide #64

Rebar Tier Wire Guide #64


    This is an interchangeable jaw set for the BT-64. The Wire Guide #64 allows the operator to tie up to a maximum #10 x #10 rebar together. Smaller wire guides (jaws) such as the #26 require the least amount of clearance underneath the rebar and use the least amount of wire per tie. The larger wire guides require more clearance and use more wire per tie. To maximize efficiency and not waist wire it is recommended to use the right size wire guide for the size of rebar you are tying; for example, if you are tying #4 x #4 use the Wire Guide #26 to minimize wasted wire and provide the best clearance.


    • Rebar Tying Capacity: #10 x #10 (1-1/4" x 1-1/4")
    • Clearance Required: 3.27"

     The interchangeable jaws for the BT-64 are a very useful feature of the tool because unlike the competition, it allows you to tie anything from mesh on up to #10 x #10 rebar with the same tool. You do not have to buy more than one tool!